optical store furniture

Optical store furniture in Palermo, with a minimal yet refined design

In the Galeazzo optical store in Palermo, our designer Max Ambrosini achieved new innovative solutions to display the eyewear, in the shades of white and midnight blue. On the wall to the left of the entrance, the eyeglass frames are disposed on two different optical store furnishings: an item of furniture with irregular and dynamic display shelves and a composition of square-shaped wall showcases, that enhance the most important products. On the right wall, instead, large shelves illuminated with led bars provide a more estensive display, with areas dedicated to various brands. In the central part of the store, spaces for assisted sales are reserved, besides the addition of other eyewear cabinets.

The shaped portal, with crystal shelves and LED lighting, provides an additional support surface for the glass frames. The shop windows of the optical store are characterized by the harmony of the display cubes and the column displays next to the entrance. An optical store furniture with a minimal design, that invites the customers to enter the shop, communicating professionalism and style. Here are the photos of the shop:

Feb 14, 2018