Our Pitagora Line placed in jewellery

Our Pitagora Line placed in jewellery

Oct 05, 2017

Minimal luxury: the added value of the Pitagora collection for your shop. Here is an example of the decor of a jewellery shop designed with Pitagora furniture

 The shop window of the jewellery is composed by Pitagora C panels, with geometric patterns and hanging cabinets.

 From the entrance, there are two jewellery furnishings: Pitagora Smeraldo and Pitagora T with single cabinet, embellished with the essence of ebony combined with light taupe walls. On the right, you can find another furnishing of the same collection, framed by the Pitagora C panel, that creates a perfect balance of lights and geometries. On the opposite side, there are two display tables.

An unique atmosphere, that arouses emotion and enhances the most precious jewels.

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