shop windows furniture

A precious shop window, like your jewels

An harmonious space, that enhances the most important products for your target customers and transmits the identity of the store. These are the fundamental characteristics of a jewellery shop window that strikes the attention.There are two types of shop window in jewelleries: open or closed. The open one allows to glimpse the interior of the store, so the shop decoration will be conceived in harmony with the furniture of the shop window to create a unique atmosphere, that invites the customer to come in. It can be used in the project of jewelleries of large dimensions to give a global view from the outside of all exposed brands.
 The closed or semi-closed shop windows, that do not allow the view of the shop from the outside, focus the attention on few exposed products of particular value. Therefore the care of the details will be indispensible to attract the look of potential customers. The ideal height to place the jewels is 1,5 m, that corresponds to the focal point. The look tends to move first to the right of the focal point, and then to the left. So the layout of the shop window and the choice of the most prominent jewels should be based on these indications.

Furthermore, in jewellery shops the closed window guarantees greater privacy to the clients who intend to make a particularly important purchase. The closed window communicates discretion, but also elegance and sophistication, describing the personality of jewels through decor, lights and color matching. Warm colors will evoke welcome, emotion and vitality, while the cold ones order, rationality, well-being.

Oct 30, 2017

The shop window: the business card of your jewelry shop

Oscar Wilde said that “You never get a second chance to make a good first impression”. This statement is increasingly true in the world of communication and visual, which also includes the layout of shop windows. The shop window is the business card of the store, indispensable to hit the customer base. In the jewellery, the displays for jewels must enhance the most important products and give visibility to the brands, to attract the customer into the store. Our firm designs shop windows furniture for jewellery, with particular attention to colors, materials and lighting. The decor inside the jewelry store will be conceived in harmony with the shop window, creating an ambiance that arouses emotions not only in the operators, but also in the customers, encouraging them to buy.

Jun 29, 2017